Nicole DibbleStudy abroad location and semester:

Cusco, Peru Fall 2012


Anthropology; History and Spanish minors


Big Flats, NY

Favorite abroad experience:

One of my favorite experiences was my rural homestay visit to the town of Lari. My family there only spoke Spanish, although the mother was fluent in the indigenous language of Quechua as well, which challenged me to become immersed in Spanish for the three days I was there. This trip happened towards the end of my semester in late October, so I had experienced the many difficulties of adjusting to a new language and becoming able to speak it in academic and social settings. While I was in Lari I felt confident in my abilities and was able to have a wonderful time conversing with my family and the other locals I spent time with playing volleyball. The countryside surrounding the town was incredibly beautiful and I got to visit the family's fields higher in the mountains and milk a cow. One night the electric wasn't working in the town so I had the surreal experience of carrying around a candle as my primary light source, which was really neat because I had only read about doing that before. It gave a whole new meaning to the expression" burning the midnight oil" since we literally had a little oil lamp in the kitchen burning oil during our dinner. All in all it was a completely different experience from any I have had before.

Why I joined GLGC:

After I came back to Gettysburg after my semester abroad I was so excited to share my experiences with all my friends. I also felt a special connection with Peru and wanted to share my stories with future study abroad participants in hopes that they would consider going to Peru, especially since it seemed like not a lot of students from Gettysburg do. I really liked the concept of GLGC as a group to discuss a lot of the common difficulties and rewards of studying abroad that I also experienced with people who are willing to share stories and global perspectives with me and with the Gettysburg community.