Di Salvo

Study abroad location and semester:

Ecuador, Fall 2011


Environmental Studies and Theater Arts double major, Biology Minor


Plainview, NY

Favorite abroad experience:

There were so many awesome experiences from abroad but I would definitely have to say that spending time with some of the citizens of Ecuador were some of the most rewarding. I not only learned about the habitats that they were experts on like the Amazon Rainforest or the Galapagos Islands, but I learned about being apart of a new community and not being afraid to reach outside of my comfort zone and try new things. The photo of me here is with my host sister, Jennifer, who I spent a great deal of time in that three day homestay in the Cloud Forest. I helped her learn how to paint her school for the town's 150th birthday festival. Jennifer and her parents taught me about what it means to be part of the community and the customs that they celebrate.

Why I joined GLGC:

I joined the GLGC to continue to learn from my abroad experience. There were so many memories that I wish to share with others and new things that I have subconsciously learned that I feel I can absorb from further collaboration with my peers that have also been abroad, but also through encouraging others to go abroad as well.

Plans after graduation:

I am currently applying for my Masters in Ecological Management. This program will further my knowledge of conservation methods for terrestrial ecosystems, especially forests. I hope to work for an NGO or larger non-profit organization after graduate school and work to protect our natural resources in a sustainable manner that promotes wildlife.