Rebecca Szyszka

Becca Szyszka


Study abroad program, location and semester:

IES, Salamanca, Spain, Fall 2012



Spanish-Linguistics and International Affairs double major, Political Science minor



Palatine, IL


Faculty Mentor: Yasemin Akbaba

I have had two classes with Prof. Akbaba and they have been my favorite at Gettysburg. She is very passionate about her work and I hope to find a career where I can be just as passionate.


Favorite abroad experience:

I don't know how to pick one! I loved traveling, seeing different parts of Spain, and experiencing the diverse Spanish culture.

Why I joined GLGC:

I joined GLGC because I wanted to bring my abroad experience back to campus and share it with other Gettysburg students. I hope to mentor future study abroad students and guide returning students on how to utilize the resources that Gettysburg offers upon their return to campus.


I’m A Source For:

Alpha Phi Omega and Admissions