Rose Kane

Study abroad location and semester:

Amman, Jordan, Fall 2011


Globalization Studies and Political Science, Middle East and Islamic Studies minor.


Parkville, Maryland

Favorite abroad experience:

Its nearly impossible to pick just one! One of my favorite abroad experiences was definitely when my family came to visit me abroad and my host family had everyone over for a traditional Jordanian meal.  My two families talked for hours and it was the most incredible experience to see two families that were so different at face value have so much fun getting to know one another. Another one of my favorite memories was going to Petra and exploring the uncovered ruins that were created thousands of years ago. It was so grand and impressive and the thought of people thousands of years ago carving these massive buildings by hand is nothing short of astounding.

Why I joined GLGC:

I joined GLGC because I wanted to keep the Jordanian in me alive.  My time abroad had been so unbelievably transformative and I wanted to maintain the changes that had developed while I was abroad, and I saw GLGC as a means to do it. I also wanted to join because I wanted to be able to meet with students who were interested in studying abroad and help them through this amazing, life-changing process. 

 Plans after graduation:

After graduation, I would love to work in the government helping to create Middle Eastern policies. My time abroad broadened my perspective on many issues that Middle Eastern states are facing and I want to bring that knowledge to our government.