Tara Lacy


Study abroad program, location and semester:

Syracuse University Abroad     Florence, Italy     Fall 2012



Art History Major



Mechanicsburg, PA


Faculty Mentor: Carol Small and Felicia Else

I have worked both with Carol and Felicia the past few years as a declared Art History major. While abroad I took two Art History classes and when it came to deciding what to write my term papers on I actually contacted both professors and they helped me figure out what I wanted to write about. Felicia’s are is the Renaissance in Italy so she was great at helping me and Carol has always been able to help me figure out what I am passionate about.


Favorite abroad experience:

There are definitely too many to choose from. I think I would have to dwindle it down to every experience I had with a host family. Thanksgiving dinner with my mom, roommate’s parents and our host family was amazing and we felt like family. And my host mom’s lasagna is the greatest in the world, so that definitely also made it memorable. At the same time three of my friends and I spent fall break in France and while there we spent time with my aunt and another family and it really made me feel welcome and that is what being abroad is actually about. I was able to be a part of cultures that I had never experienced before; I experienced the daily lives of people who actually live there and became a part of their family.


Why I joined GLGC:

So that I can relive my experiences from when I was abroad.  Being in GLGC gives me the opportunity to talk to other students who went abroad, those planning on going and convincing those to go when they are on the fence. While abroad I visited many different places and have been able to give friends tips on where they should go, what restaurants to eat in and different hostels to stay at. I can also learn from others’ experiences and use this knowledge to help shape my future travels after graduation.

I’m A Source For:

Art History, Women’s Rugby, Italian Studies, BBBS