Timothy ClausStudy abroad location and semester:

Paris, France, Fall 2012


Psychology Major, Health Science Minor, French Minor


Gibsonia, PA

Faculty Mentor: Elizabeth Richardson Viti

Professor Richardson Viti is a French professor who helped inspire me to actually declare a minor in French. After studying abroad I wanted to use my recently acquired languages skills. Through her literature course I was consistently challenged to improve my grammar and vocabulary, but also my interpretation of novels, plays, and other French texts. Thus, my experiences in the classroom continued my cultural learning thanks to this professor.

Favorite abroad experience:

Upon reflection I would say that my favorite experience while abroad was having the opportunity to travel all over Europe. Throughout the semester I was able to visit astounding places, but my favorite trip was with my older brother. We spent Christmas in Paris, and then traveled to Amsterdam, Cardiff, Manchester, Dublin, and Copenhagen.

Why I joined GLGC:

I was afraid that after I left France that the cultural perspective that I had acquired would deteriorate, so I was determined to continue to expand the lessons that I learned. Through joining GLGC I am able to make the conscious effort to combine the study abroad experience with my experiences in Gettysburg.

I’m A Source For:

ALLies, Dance Ensemble, Gettysburg College Tour Guides, Pre-Health Professions