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Important Academic Policies


Eligibility Requirements - Just like the college application process, the stronger student you are, the greater choice of programs you will have.  At a minimum, all students must have a 2.0 cumulative GPA, be in good academic standing, and be in good disciplinary standing (which means you must not be on conduct probation and you must have less than 6 points on the Alcohol and Drug Policy Points System) in order to apply for off campus studies.  All approved students must maintain these minimum requirements as well as receive a 2.0 GPA with no "Incomplete" or "NG" grades for the term prior to departure in order to participate in off campus studies.  Permission to study off campus will be rescinded for any student who does not meet these criteria at any point prior to departure.

How Does Credit Work??? In order to keep the off campus studies academic experience as much like the Gettysburg experience as possible, students are able to take a "full load" of courses on any off campus program, which will then transfer back to Gettysburg as 4 course units (which is our on-campus "full load" equivalent).  Keep in mind that many off campus programs have a different credit system than Gettysburg, so you might need to take more than - or less than - 4 classes to equal 4 Gettysburg course units.  The key to staying on track with credits is to take a "full load" of courses or credits as defined by your program and that will transfer back to Gettysburg as a "full load" of credit - 4 Gettysburg course units.  Unlike Gettysburg, students are not permitted to take an "overload" of classes during an off campus studies term.

               What does a full load of courses look like for my Affiliated Program?

               What does a full load of courses look like for my Suggested Program?

Grades or Just Credit??? Students participating in Affiliated Programs will receive credits AND grades for the courses they take.  All grades will show on your Gettysburg transcript (A-F) and they will be factored into your Gettysburg GPA.  All courses taken on Suggested Programs are transferred to Gettysburg as credit ONLY, assuming you receive a C- or better.  If you receive a grade lower than a C-, you will not receive credit for the course.  Grades on Suggested Programs are important, however, particularly for those students whose GPA at Gettysburg makes them eligible for graduation honors.  In these cases, grades from Suggested Programs will be factored into your overall record in order to assure you maintain your honors eligibility.

Off Campus Studies & the Gettysburg Curriculum

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