Off-Campus Studies & the Gettysburg Curriculum

The overarching Goals of the Gettysburg Curriculum are to develop lifelong learners who are able to acquire and process information and ideas in multiple ways (multiple inquiries), are integrative thinkers, are skilled in communication, and are prepared for the responsibilities of local and global citizenship. How do you see your off campus studies experience relating to the overarching goals of the Gettysburg curriculum?  Courses taken abroad can count towards curricular goals.

Multiple Inquires
  • It is understood that the vast majority of students will complete their Multiple Inquiries (MI) courses in the Arts, Social Sciences, Humanities and Natural Sciences before studying off-campus. Off campus study is a time to further explore these areas if you so choose.
  • If you are interested in taking a course off campus specifically to fulfill an MI goal, you must get special permission to do so. Please pick up an approval form from the Center for Global Education for further information.
Integrative Thinking
  • Off campus studies provides students the opportunity to focus on integrative thinking! Have you taken a course at Gettysburg which you want to cluster with a course off campus? Did you look for interdisciplinary courses offered on your program?
  • Did you consider doing research for your Capstone off campus? Check with your major department regarding their parameters for the Capstone experience.
  • Are you interested in taking a course that addresses quantitative reasoning while off campus?
Effective Communication
  • Communicating across cultures is one of the biggest challenges - and most important skills -  that off campus studies students learn!
  • Consider studying off campus on a program that introduces you to a new style of teaching and/or learning. See if students in your academic discipline speak about that discipline in the same way that we do in the USA.
  • How often and in what way are students assessed at your off campus study site?
  • Can you engage with new media while off campus? How could you use new or different media to showcase the communication conventions of your major?
Local and Global Citizenship
  • All students will work towards the goals of Local and Global Citizenship while off campus.
  • Students are encouraged to choose courses in a language other than English while off campus whether or not you have completed Gettysburg's minimum language requirement.
  • Many Gettysburg students will take courses toward the non-western and/or domestic/conceptual diversity goals while off campus. The vast majority of students will focus on issues of diversity while off campus - both within and outside the classroom! Carefully choose your off campus study site and be prepared to learn about your new community as well as to share your culture with your new community.