Past participants and overseas staff have offered the following advice to assist students to stretch their budget while off campus:

  • Make daily and weekly budgets and stick to them. Plan your activities around free, inexpensive and discounted events.
  • Walk places - it is good exercise, and free! In many countries it is commonplace to walk to locations that are over a mile away, rather than waiting for and paying for public transportation. Save taxis for special occasions and for nighttime use.
  • Prepare your own food. It's cheaper than eating out, and buying at local markets can be great fun! Don't buy pre-packaged food as it is more expensive. If you plan to eat out, eat your main meal at noon, rather than in the evening, as it is more expensive.
  • Take care of your belongings and safeguard your traveler's checks, credit cards, cash and passport. Loss from carelessness or theft is hard enough to bear at any time, but it is even more distressing abroad. Pick-pocketing is common, particularly in spots frequented by tourists. Write down the numbers of your traveler's checks and make a photocopy of the document page of your passport, and keep these in a separate place in case the originals are lost or stolen.
  • Remember that you will spend more money in the first few weeks until you get settled and learn where to shop.