Through certain programs, it's possible for students to complete their entire language curricular goal in just one semester!

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What is Gettysburg's Language Curricular Goal?

Students must complete one year of language study, or its college-level equivalent, as a college graduation requirement. This two-course sequence must be in the same language. 

The following programs can give students enough intensive beginning, intermediate, or advanced language study in one semester to complete this goal.


  • Amman, Jordan: Modernization and Social Change (SIT)

  • Cairo, Egypt: American Language Institute, American University in Cairo (AUC)

  • Rabat, Morocco: Migration and Transnational Identity (SIT)

  • Rabat, Morocco: Multiculturalism and Human Rights (SIT)


  • Beijing, China: Chinese Language Program- Capital Normal University (CET)

  • Kunming, China: Language, Culture and Ethnic Minorities (SIT)


  • Copenhagen, Denmark: Danish Institute for Study Abroad (DIS)


  • Aix-en-Provence, France: IAU College


  • Berlin, Germany: Language and Culture (CIEE)


  • Ferrara, Italy: Language and Culture (CIEE)

  • Ferrara, Italy: Liberal Arts (CIEE)


  • Japan: Kansai Gaidai University


  • Kathmandu, Nepal: Development and Social Change (SIT)


  • Cuernavaca, Mexico: Spanish Language and Culture (Universal)

  • Seville, Spain- International Business and Culture

  • Seville, Spain- Language and Society

  • Swahili

  • Mombasa, Kenya: Islam and Swahili Cultural Identity (SIT)

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    Things students should be thinking about:

  • How do I get approval?

  • What language level am I?

  • Is the program a good fit?

  • Whom should I talk to?