Student Perspectives

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Dome of the RockKelsey Chapman ’15
Economics major, Middle East and Islamic Studies minor
Hebrew University of Jerusalem: Jerusalem, Israel

I chose to study in Israel because I'm a Middle East and Islamic Studies minor, and felt that I didn't know enough about the country. Israel is in the news so often, and I knew that living there for a semester would be an invaluable experience that would give me a more nuanced and informed perspective on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Besides that, I wanted to study abroad in Israel to learn about all of the aspects of the country that have nothing to do with the conflict.

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Bradley Alexander '16Jonathan Barley-Alexander ’16
Japanese Studies major, Political Science minor
Temple University – Japan Campus: Tokyo, Japan

The cultural experience in Japan was amazing. I learned so many things and experienced things I would not have if I had stayed in America, and I became more adept in hearing and understanding Japanese language. I also made many lifelong friends with whom I now I talk to on a daily basis.

Growing up watching anime and seeing Japanese culture and language undoubtedly stimulated my interest. I’d think to myself, “I wish I could watch this without subtitles and understand everything.” In high school, I took a class that helped me realize that each country depends on another, and became interested in Japan as a country and in its relations with America.

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Anoush Aghababian ’16
Classics major, Studio Art and Anthropology minor
Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies: Rome, Italy

I chose this program because of its intense focus on Classical Studies. I was able to study with 35 other dedicated (and intimidatingly intelligent!) students who all had similar interests in the Ancient Romans and Greeks. The program is quite competitive, and is recognized in the world of Classics for its academic rigor and prestige. I was ecstatic when I was accepted.

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Samantha Poteste ’15
Psychology major
Lutheran College Washington Semester: Washington, D.C.

Why study in D.C.?
I know from working at the Center for Global Education that going abroad is a great experience, but I am so glad that I ended up doing a domestic program instead. I worked almost full-time doing work that I loved, and the experience not only helped confirm my decision to go into social work, it also made me really excited to start doing what I need to do to get there!

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Valerie Carroll ’15
French and Globalization Studies major
SIT Tunisia, Emerging Identities in North Africa program: Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia
In Fall 2013, IAU College: Aix-en-Provence, France

While at Gettysburg, I’ve taken a number of courses in French and Francophone studies as well as courses in Arabic and Middle Eastern studies. I’m also a globalization studies major with a focus on women, gender, and immigration. As I planned to study abroad, I looked for programs in countries that offered these languages and cultural studies, and the combination of these two programs (SIT Tunisia and IAU Aix-en-Provence) allowed me to trace the paths of immigrants from the Maghreb into France.

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Erin O’Connor17 countries, 4 years
Erin O’Connor ’15

Interdisciplinary Studies major

Being in an unfamiliar country can be an intimidating experience, but for Erin O’Connor ’15, it’s a passion.

Since enrolling at Gettysburg College, O’Connor has traveled to 17 countries over the last four years. Her studies have brought her to Denmark, Morocco, Trinidad and Tobago, Poland, and Turkey. Her thrill for travel has sent her to Germany, Austria, France, Hungary, Sweden, Norway, Czech Republic, Ireland, and Luxemburg. And her music has resonated in China, Singapore, and Nicaragua.

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Life in Salamanca, Spain
Julie Day ’16

Spanish major
English with Writing Concentration major

As a Spanish major, the most rewarding aspect of this experience has been the opportunity to take the skills I have learned from my time at Gettysburg beyond the walls of the classroom, and immerse myself in my passion. I believe that the best way to learn a foreign language is by pursuing it in every aspect of your life and not being afraid to step out of your comfort zone, and embrace challenges with a positive attitude.

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