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Enter Your Grades Electronically

End of semester grades are submitted on line through the PeopleSoft Faculty Center.

STEP 1: Login


Login to CNAV

Go to your "Campus Stuff" or "My Cool Stuff" page.  (This page seems to have two different names depending on how you get there.  Using the large blue tabs, it is referred to as "Campus Stuff".  Using the "My Place" drop down menu, it is referred to as "My Cool Stuff".  Contact if you are having trouble finding this page.

Look for Cool URLs on the left side of the page and click on the Faculty Center URL

The login page should say "Welcome to the Campus Solutions/Human Resource Management System at Gettysburg College."

Your ID and Password are the same ones that you use to enter the Gettysburg College network to get your e-mail and to enter CNAV

STEP 2: Go to the Faculty Center Page

The pathway through the PeopleSoft menus is:

Self Service/Faculty Center


STEP 3: Select the correct term (Spring 2008 will default)

STEP 4: Select the grade roster for the correct class

On the class line, the grade roster icon is the last one on the right.



You have three approval statuses available to you: Not Reviewed, Ready for Review, and Approved.  Use the drop-down menu to move from one status to another.  Note: Please go through all three statuses for each course.  Some of you are stopping too early in the process causing us trouble with capturing your grades

STEP 5: Select Not Reviewed

  • This is the default status.
  • While in this status you may enter, delete or change grades.
  • Acceptable grades (not case sensitive): A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+, D, D-, F, S, U, or NF (Non-attendance failure)* *Enter NF if a student never attended the class. If a student started the course but ceased attendance without a proper withdrawal; the grade is "F". 
  • "W" or "F" grades will already be entered for students who have officially withdrawn.
  • DO NOT! DO NOT enter grades of "INC" or "NG" without authorization from one of the Deans in Academic Advising or the Registrar.

(Helpful Hint: Selecting the grade from the pull down menu causes the page to be updated with each student and delays the process.  Using the mouse to move from student to student and typing in the grade postpones the update until the end and speeds up the process.)


  • Click the "SAVE" panel at the lower left of the roster page. PLEASE REMEMBER TO SAVE
  • PeopleSoft has a 20-minute security time-out feature. Terminals left unattended for 20 minutes without any grading activity will be timed out and grades previously entered will be lost.
  • To avoid lost work, you can save at any time by clicking the "Save" panel at the lower left of the roster page. Be sure to do this especially when you are interrupted or called away from your terminal.

Note: Some of you have stopped at this point.  Please continue the process.  We cannot easily capture your grades until you finally approve them for transmission.

STEP 7: Select Ready for Review

  • This status makes rosters available for a final check. 
  • Review grades to be sure that you have entered them correctly.
  • If you have forgotten to enter a grade or need to make a change, return to "Not Reviewed". (If you make a change, remember to "SAVE".)
  • You must have entered a grade for each student before you can move to the next status.

STEP 8: Select Approved and Save

  • Select the "Approved" status and save that status in order to send the roster to the Office of the Registrar for posting.  (A number of you miss this important step making your grades more difficult for us to capture.  Please be sure to select the "Approved" status.) 
  • This process will not work if there is a missing grade.
  • You may recall the roster for further changes by returning to "Not Reviewed" until the grades are posted. Once posted, the roster remains accessible for you to view but not to change.
  • After this point, all changes follow the regular procedure using the blue "Special Grade Report Card" that must be approved by the Provost. These cards are available at the Office of the Registrar.


You should receive a transmission confirmation message by e-mail.  If you do not receive a message, return to the Faculty Center to be sure that your grades are there and in the "Approved" status.  If your rosters are blank, then your grades were not properly saved and you will have to re-enter the grades.  If you go in and the Approval Status menu is no longer available to you, then you know that the grades have been posted to students' transcripts.  Confirming your grades is a good idea, but if you are conscientious about saving your work, we will be able to capture your grades for posting.

Grades submitted electronically do not need to be followed up with a hard copy grade roster.