Students are encouraged to attend the CAFE Symposium Workshops that are offered.  The workshops are led by professors who will provide guidance and suggestions to the presenters.  One-on-one sessions are available as well. Please refer to the CAFE Symposium Workshops page for details.

In addition, the links below will give you tips on how to get started with your research poster. 

Musselman Library has a page specificly designed for creating a poster.  You will find helpful tips for 

  • Layout
  • Text
  • Colors
  • Templates and Graphics
  • Research Bibliography
  • Printing
  • Presenting your poster

The Writing Center of Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison provides answers to common questions.

  • What is a poster presentation?
  • Who will be viewing my poster
  • How do I narrow my project and choose what to put on my poster?
  • How should I word my ideas on my poster?
  • How are posters usually laid out?
  • How can I make my poster easy to ready?
  • What is my role as the presenter of my poster?