Provost Funds for Senior Projects (SP)

Type of Projects Supported

  • Research for senior-year academic or artistic projects. The funding may be used for supplies, equipment, and travel expenses.
  • A maximum of $500 is available per student, but additional funding may be available for unusually expensive projects. Please note that these funds are meant to enhance the quality of the student's experience, not to make the project possible.
  • All supported projects must be compliant with the College's ethical review policies.

Who May Apply/Application Deadlines

  • Rising and current seniors who have begun working on their Senior Projects
  • The annual deadline for projects carried out during the Fall is FRI OCT 30, 2015 and for Spring projects is MON FEB 29, 2016. These application deadlines will be strictly adhered  unless a strong case for an extension can be made in writing by the faculty member advising the student on the project.

How to Apply

  • Applying for Senior Project funds is a two-step process: (1) Students who are requesting these funds need to fill out and submit the online form "Senior Project Funding Application." This will send the information to their faculty mentor for his/her review  (2) Faculty mentors will receive an e-mail version of the student’s application and, upon review, will be asked to indicate their approval by forwarding the e-mail to Maureen Forrestal and Paula Baer, having typed "I approve" in the message section of the e-mail. It should be noted that, ideally, the student and the faculty mentor will have met in person to discuss the specifics of the request but the approval process itself will be done via e-mail.

Distribution of Funds

  • Once the award has been announced, the student may request reimbursement for expenses. Students should submit original receipts along with their full names, home address, and student ID number to their department administrative assistant, who will complete a check reimbursement form and send it to Paula Baer at campus box 2443.  No travel advances will be issued.