Grants Advisor Plus

The Grant Advisor Plus provides an exciting new way to quickly and easily conduct exhaustive searches of external funding opportunities in YOUR field! Accessing the Grant Advisor Plus and conducting a few searches should be your first step whenever you begin to look for outside funding.

Since 1983, "The Grant Advisor" newsletter has been a leading source of information on grant and fellowship opportunities for U.S. institutions of higher education. Recently, they created an on-line service called the Grant Advisor Plus that provides expanded information on these funding opportunities through a number of powerful mechanisms (each described below). I am happy to report that Gettysburg College is now an institutional subscriber to the Grant Advisor Plus. This means that the College's faculty and staff (YOU!) receive unlimited access for browsing, downloading files, and performing searches.

The Grant Advisor Plus provides us with all of the following, directly from the subscriber web site:

1. THE GRANT ADVISOR NEWSLETTER: The newsletter covers grant opportunities from all federal agencies (except NIH) as well as many independent organizations and foundations. Published monthly (except July), each issue contains 15-20 program reviews with descriptions, eligibility requirements, special criteria, funding amounts, and contact information (including phone and fax numbers, e-mail and web addresses). The remainder of the newsletter is comprised of the "Deadline Memo" with more than 300 listings of grant and fellowship programs for the coming four months, organized into eight academic divisions (fine arts, humanities, sciences, social sciences, education, international, health related, unrestricted/other). It's all available on-line in both PDF (Adobe Acrobat7) and TXT (ASCII text) formats.

2. DEADLINE MEMO HYPERLINKS: These powerful listings are presented in an elegant table format (requires Netscape or equivalent browser) and include links directly to the following (all where applicable): (a) web pages of the funding agency or organization; (b) complete program reviews from "The Grant Advisor" newsletter; (c) complete text from all current Federal Register grant listings; (d) complete text of National Science Foundation documents; and (e) e-mail addresses.

3. DATABASE AND ARTICLE SEARCHES: The Database Search allows you to enter your own search criteria (such as funding agency, keywords, academic division, and more). Results are displayed in the same powerful table format as the "Deadline Memo Hyperlinks". The Article Search is available for concept-based natural language searches using the Excite7 search engine, which looks through hundreds of program reviews and current Federal Register articles.

4. 100+ USEFUL LINKS TO FUNDING SOURCES: All subscribers have full access to an ever-expanding list of links to funding sources, separated into two categories: Federal and Related Sources, and Foundation and Independent Sources.

5. THE GRANT WORKS: The electronic book of the entire series of articles by Robert J. Toft, Ph.D. are presented on the site in Acrobat7 PDF format. Included are hundreds of essays providing useful advice and tips for individuals seeking funding in higher education. Chapter titles include "Proposal Development," "Budget Considerations," "Tips on Writing," and more.

6. TGA-PC: As a subscriber to the Grant Advisor Plus, we have free access to their powerful database program TGA-PC and the monthly databases. With TGA-PC, we get the same database that is used to generate the "Deadline Memo Hyperlinks" as well as an annual database of more than 1100 program listings. You can create your own lists in various file formats using search criteria, and you can save these search profiles for repeated use each month. Lists can be generated as HTML documents, pre-formatted with tables and built-in hyperlinks. All files generated by TGA-PC may be used royalty-free in a campus newsletter or computer bulletin board, including access-restricted web pages and gopher servers.

Obviously, this is a fabulous resource, and one that I hope you will take advantage of on a regular basis. Grant Advisor Plus can be accessed by Gettysburg faculty at

Please do not hesitate to contact me Kathleen Cain at, Box 410, or ext.6823 if you have any questions.

Good luck and happy hunting!