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Provost's Professional Papers - Additional Information

The purpose of the Provost's Professional Papers Account is to support attendance by faculty members at conferences where they are presenting papers. The account is designed to supplement, not to replace, the departmental travel allocation for faculty members. A maximum of $800 toward the cost of attending a national meeting is available for each full-time faculty member per fiscal year (June 1 - May 31).  Up to $1,500 may be reimbursed for presenting a paper at a meeting outside the contiguous United States. Full-time faculty members are eligible to apply for funding for a maximum of two conference presentations per fiscal year (one of which may be for up to $1500). If a faculty member is chairing a panel, the award will be reduced by 50%. We no longer fund faculty who are conference discussants. Adjunct faculty will be reimbursed up to $400 for participating in or presenting a paper at a conference.  Additionally, they may request funds up to $300 from the Provost's Office.

All requests for funding should be made using the appropriate online application form. Applications must be submitted and requests approved prior to the beginning of the conference. Funds will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis, so please apply for support as soon as your paper is accepted. If you have to cancel a paper presentation, please notify the Provost's Office immediately.