Gettysburg Curriculum | Course Approval Process

Faculty seeking approval for a new course should fill out this application (DOC) and submit it to the chair or program director.

Faculty seeking to have courses approved to serve Gettysburg Curriculum goals should also follow the instructions linked below.

After consulting with members of the department about the new course, the chair or program director should attach a note certifying departmental approval of the proposal or include a statement on the form.

The chair or program director should then submit the proposal electronically to the Registrar at The Registrar will present course proposals to the Academic Policy and Program Committee (APPC) for acknowledgment or for approval to meet Gettysburg Curriculum goals.

Guidelines for having courses approved for meeting Gettysburg Curriculum goals:

  1. First-Year Writing Requirement
  2. Multiple Inquiries Goal
  3. Cultural Diversity Requirement
  4. Science, Technology and Society Requirements
  5. Capstone Experience and Effective Communication Requirements
  6. Faculty Proposed Integrative Thinking Goal Cluster (ITGC)
  7. Student Proposed Integrative Thinking Cluster (ITGC)
  8. Interdisciplinary Course Guidelines
  9. Quantitative, Inductive, and Deductive Reasoning Requirement
  10. Policy for Evaluating Off-Campus Credit for the Multiple Inquires Goal (Word document)
  11. Service-Learning Designator Application Procedure (Proposal submitted to APPC November 2005)
  12. First Year Seminar Proposal