Implementation Guide executive summary

Overview of the Presidents Climate Commitment Requirements

1) Establish institutional structures to guide development and compliance.
            a) As a Charter Signatory, Gettysburg compliance deadline is 11/15/08. 
            b) This committee fills the responsibility, begun before the deadline.

2) Complete an emissions inventory within a year, repeat the third year, and annually thereafter.
            a) Gettysburg compliance deadline is 9/15/08 for first inventory.
                    i) We must report which type of calculator and the emissions coefficients that we use.
            b) Campus Carbon Calculator - clear layout, for colleges, and is in compliance.

3) Immediate reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from tangible action options.
            a) Select by 11/15/07; implement by 9/15/09.
            b) Options (bolded are already achieved):
                    i) Green Building Policy - LEED Silver standard.
                    ii) Energy Star Procurement Policy - Energy Star products in applicable areas
                              (1) May include "whenever financially possible", defined by "when the extra cost is less than or equal to the resulting energy savings."
                    iii) Air Travel Offsetting - purchase carbon offsets for air travel; reduce air travel.
                    iv) Provision of Public Transportation - access for faculty, staff, and students.
                    v) Green Power Purchasing/Production - 15% within one year of signing.
                    vi) Climate-Friendly Investing - sustainable shareholder proposals for endowment.
                    vii) Waste Minimization - RecycleMania Competition.

4) Establish a climate neutrality action plan with interim milestones and target date.
            a) Gettysburg compliance by 9/15/09 - establish the deadline and milestones.
            b) Designate an institutional liaison.
            c) Components: Introduction; Campus Emissions; Mitigation Strategies; Educational, Research, and Community Outreach Efforts; Financing; Tracking Progress.

5) Integrate sustainability into the curriculum and overall educational experience.
            a) Curriculum and educational requirements, as done at other schools:
                    i) 2002 Study Evaluating Various Models for Environmental/Sustainability Literacy Requirements
                    ii) Georgia University Environmental Literacy Requirement

6) Make our climate action plan, inventory and progress reports publicly available.
            a) Sustainability website, in footsteps of other colleges/universities.
            b) Contents: Contextual; Annual Emissions; Climate Action Plan Implementation.

7) Extensions on any deadlines may be requested through the Steering Committee.