Center for Career DevelopmentGettysburg College recognizes the connection to automobiles and greenhouse gas emissions; it therefore has worked over the past several years to decrease the need for travel as well as
encourage the use of public transit.

The IT Department encourages video-conferencing to reduce travel time for all campus community members. Students interviewing for jobs and internships are able to do so via Skype and Video Conferencing at the Center for Career Development, rather than travelling solely for a short interview. Furthermore, the Eisenhower Institute utilizes a High Definition Video Conferencing Link between its offices in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C., approximately twice a week. This increased communication reduces the Eisenhower Institute's need for unnecessary travelling between offices.

The College also discourages its students from unnecessary driving. In 2001, campus Transportation Service instituted a Shuttle Service to regional mass transit locations such as airports and train stations. This service encourages the use of public transit to and from students’ homes, rather than driving in personal vehicles, and therefore reducing carbon emissions. In 2008, on-campus parking was limited to sophomores, juniors, and seniors to reduce the number of cars traveling in the community.

Recently, free local transportation has been provided to Gettysburg College students, faculty, and staff in the form of the Freedom Transit Trolleys. Free to the public as well as Gettysburg College community members, the Freedom Transit Trolley takes its passengers to the battlefields, to the Outlets, and to Giant and Wal-Mart. Low-cost transportation to Harrisburg has also been provided to the Gettysburg community for under $5! Rabbittransit transports passengers between several Gettysburg and Harrisburg stops every weekday morning and afternoon!