Chris ColeGettysburg College boasts one of the largest Environmental Studies Departments of the nation's top liberal arts colleges. ES classes for majors and non-majors alike help students view the importance of sustainability to people and to the earth in a perfect interdisciplinary mixture of natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities. Not only will you learn about campus and global sustainability and issues, but almost all Environmental Studies courses satisfy Gettysburg College course requirements.

Sustainability in the classroom is not just limited to the Environmental Studies Department.  Many other academic departments have course offerings in sustainability, such as anthropology, economics, globalization, and philosophy. These courses can count towards a major in Environmental Studies, allowing ES students to experience a broad range of departments within their majors, and allow non-majors to learn how ecology and sustainability relate to nearly every major and discipline.

Students can also learn about the environment and sustainability abroad! Several programs all over the world offer courses involving sustainability, the environment, social justice, and globalization. These programs are available in nearly every region, allowing Environmental Studies majors and non-majors alike learn about sustainability issues in the country of their choice.

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