Sustainability Focused Courses

RocksGettysburg College has defined sustainability as: the human-environment interactions that allow current and future generations to meet their needs in socially just, economically viable, and ecologically sound ways. This definition hints at the inherently interdisciplinary nature of  sustainability.

With such a broad and wide-reaching definition, courses spanning over multiple disciplines focus on issues of sustainability.

At Gettysburg College, the following recently-offered courses have been designated as sustainability-focused. Many different departments offer at least one course pertaining to sustainability, allowing students from all academic backgrounds to learn about this important issue.

Class group photo by a waterfallAnthropology

  • ANTH-225 Indigenous Peoples, the Environment, and the Global Economy


  • BIO-316 Conservation Biology


  • ECON-222 Issues in Environmental and Resource Economics
  • ECON-403 Advanced Topics in Microeconomics: Natural Resources


  • ENG-202 Writing Science for Citizen Activists

Environmental Studies

  • ES-130 The Chesapeake Bay Ecosystem
  • ES-121 Environmental Issues
  • ES-196 Environmental Science and Society
  • ES-251 The Rocky Mountain West: Physical Geography
  • ES-252 The Rocky Mountain West: Cultural Geography
  • ES-225 Environmental Humanities
  • ES-240 Energy: Production and Use
  • ES-319 Environmental Film
  • ES-333 Environmental Policy
  • ES-400 Food and Environmental Sustainability
  • ES-334 Global Environment and Development

First Year Seminars

  • FYS-105 Sustainability or Collapse
  • FYS-156 Green Eggs and Government Cheese: Food for Environmental Sustainability
  • FYS-157 Food Water Shelter Song: Staying Human on a Planet in Transition
  • FYS-124 A Dying Ocean: The Increasing Environmental Challenge to the Marine Ecosystem


  • HIS-371 Modern African Environments: History, Ecology, and People

Interdisciplinary Studies

  • IDS-121 Introduction to Peace and Justice Studies


  • PHIL-107 Environmental Ethics
  • PHIL-108 Philosophy and Food


  • SOC-250 Energy, Environment, and Society

Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies

  • WGS-226 Feminism in Global Perspective