Sustainability Related Courses

Assistant Professor Salma Monani

Gettysburg College has defined sustainability as: the human-environment interactions that allow current and future generations to meet their needs in socially just, economically viable, and ecologically sound ways. This definition hints at the inherently interdisciplinary nature of sustainability. With such a broad and wide-reaching definition, courses spanning over multiple disciplines which related to issues of sustainability.

At Gettysburg College, the following recently-offered courses have been designated as sustainability-related. Many different departments offer at least one course pertaining to sustainability, allowing students from all academic backgrounds to learn about this important issue.


  • ANTH-103 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
  • ANTH-225 Food, Culture, Globalization
  • ANTH-239 African Modernities
  • ANTH-240 Modernity and Change in Asia-Pacific


  • BIO-111 Intro to Ecology and Evolution
  • BIO-224 Vertebrate Zoology
  • BIO-307 Freshwater Biology


  • CHEM-108 Fundamental Chemistry: Down on the Farm


  • ECON-216 Political Economy of Oil
  • ECON-341 Environmental and Resource Economics


  • EDUC-306 Teaching Social Studies
  • EDUC-350 School Science and Mathematics

Environmental Studies

  • ES-127 Plants, People and the Environment
  • ES-162 World Regional Geography
  • ES-211 Principles of Ecology
  • ES-223 Earth Systems Science
  • ES-230 Geographic Information Systems
  • ES-241 Environmental Writing
  • ES-263 Remote Sensing
  • ES-306 Marine Ecology
  • ES-312 Environmental Applications of GIS
  • ES-400 Impact of the Automobile on US Culture and the Environment
  • ES-201 Writing the Public Essay

First Year Seminars

  • FYS-102 The World's Children
  • FYS-141 But Is It Crazy Enough
  • FYS-148 Gender and the Global Environment

Globalization Studies

  • GS-400 Globalization Studies Seminar

Health Sciences

  • HS-320 Public Health
  • HS-322 Global Health

Interdisciplinary Studies

  • IDS-206 Foundations of Native American Studies
  • IDS-224 Justice and the Contested Corporation
  • IDS-322 Public Policy Seminar

Italian Studies

  • ITAL-350 Italy Since Fascism: A Topical Approach

Latin American Studies

  • LAS-147 Introduction to Latin American Studies: Cultural Studies

Organization & Management Studies

  • BUS-363 Business Law
  • BUS-400 Policy and Strategy
  • OMS-395 Organizational Ethics
  • OMS-303 Systems Thinking*
  • OMS-397 Ethics and the Playing Fields of Competition
  • OMS-415 Corporate Social Responsibility

Political Science

  • POL-101 American Government
  • POL-103 Intro to International Relations
  • POL-315 Europe and the EU
  • POL-252 North South Dialogue
  • POL-267 Settler States and Indigenous People
  • POL-270 Politics in China
  • POL-271 Politics in Japan
  • POL-301 Political Economy of Disaster
  • POL-304 Models and Policy Analysis
  • POL-363 Politics of Developing Areas


  • PHIL-105 Contemporary Moral Issues
  • PHIL-318 Ethics and Economic Life


  • PSYCH-205 Introduction to Statistics
  • PSYCH-214 Social Psychology


  • SOC-101 Introductory Sociology
  • SOC-233 Science, Knowledge, and the New Age

Visual Arts

  • VAH-261 Introduction to Sculpture
  • VAH-318 Art after 1945
  • VAH-261 Art and Public Policy
  • VAS-265 Introduction to Photography

Women, Gender & Sexuality

  • WGS-214 Native American Women
  • WGS-320 Practicum in Feminist Theory & Collective Action