Freedom Transit LogoExcessive driving is one of the largest sources of greenhouse gas emissions as well as pollutants that affect our lungs, atmosphere, and local environment. To reduce the number of cars on campus and in town, Gettysburg College limited parking passes to sophomores, juniors, and seniors in 2008.

Think about walkable options to further reduce your need to drive. Take a stroll or a bicycle ride to Kennie’s Market or Rite-Aid for your groceries and prescriptions instead of travelling to Giant, Wal-Mart, or CVS. Kennie's is just a ten minute walk from campus, and offers a $0.05 discount when you use a reusable bag.
Chris Lauer gives free bicycle rides and tours
Local transportation in the form of the Freedom Transit buses and trolleys allows students, faculty, and staff free transportation to many locations in Gettysburg. Freedom Transit connects students to locations such as Wal-Mart, Giant, the Outlets, the Visitor's Center, and many other stops along the way!

Rabbittransit logo
Need to get to Harrisburg? Take the rabbitEXPRESS. This bus will take you to the Harrisburg Bus and Train Station. Note: This service is not Freedom Transit and is not free. It should cost approximately $3.50.

Still need a lift? Stop by the Transportation Office located in the Central Energy Plant to organize a ride with the campus' shuttle service! This service began in 2001 to reduce student carbon emissions on commonly used routes to regional mass transit locations.

If driving is unavoidable, contact your fellow classmates via Gettysburg Carpool Board to organize a carpool.