Educate Yourself

Get involved with the student groups such as the Painted Turtle Farm, G.E.C.O., Farmhouse, and Biosphere.

Farmhouse hosts weekly food discussions during the academic year, G.E.C.O. regularly features environmental speakers and environmental documentaries, and the Sustainability Advisory Committee invites any campus community member to their meetings regarding sustainability at Gettysburg College.

To learn about national and global issues regarding the environment, social justice, the food system, animal rights, and much more, research! Here's a list of books, films and groups to check out and learn more about sustainability and environmental issues.

Who Killed the Electric Car?
Deep Down
King Corn
Food, Inc.
No Impact Man
The 11th Hour
An Inconvenient Truth
FLOW - For Love Of Water
Blue Gold: World Water Wars

The Omnivore's Dilemma
by Michael Pollan
Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver with Steven L. Hopp and Camille Kingsolver
Recipe for America by Jill Richardson
Slow Food Nation by Carlo Petrini
In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan
The End of Nature by Bill McKibben
The Green Collar Economy by Van Jones
Deep Economy by Bill McKibben
The Sustainability Revolution
by Andres R. Edwards
Getting Green Done by Auden Schendler

Interest Groups
World Wildlife Fund
Defenders of Wildlife
American Rivers
Rainforest Action Network
The Sierra Club
Trust for Public Land
The Natural Resources Defense Council
The Blue Green Alliance
American Wind Energy Association