Farmhouse - watering the gardenFarmhouse, the campus' sustainability and social justice theme house, was founded at Gettysburg College in 2009, makes its home at Corner Cottage. Farmhouse is dedicated towards intentional living, especially regarding food. The residents of Farmhouse constantly work towards achieving sustainable lifestyles through community building, ecological footprint reduction, and mindful purchasing and living.

The house itself utilizes low-flow bathroom fixtures, and features furniture constructed purely from recycled materials. The house also collects rainwater to be used for the house’s garden created by Farmhouse members.

The garden takes advantage of the extended growing season (April-December) which supports a variety of produce from kale and snow peas in the spring to watermelon and tomatoes in the summer to broccoli and turnips in the fall. The house also generates compost for the garden from its own food scraps, which become rich soil perfect for cultivating fruits and vegetables.
In addition to their own garden the members of Farmhouse support the local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), Broad Valley Orchard, exchanging work hours for delicious and local fruits and vegetables.

Recently, the sustainable actions and mission of Farmhouse made it to the front page of the Evening Sun!


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To learn more about Farmhouse's sustainability practices and upcoming events, visit the Farmhouse Website!