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The Dining Services is taking many sustainable steps, from purchasing from local companies, to donating compost to the Painted Turtle Farm. June, 2011

The College's Dining Services are committed to sustainable practices, from purchasing local food to conserving water.

At the main Dining Hall, sustainable, locally grown, and locally-processed foods are chosen as often as possible. Examples of local businesses include: Utz, Hershey’s, Roaring Spring, Musselman's, and dozens more. Additionally, the Dining Hall obtains seasonal fruits and vegetables from a local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), Everblossom Farm, taking advantage of the College’s perfect placement in the agriculturally rich Adams County.

In the summer of 2012, Dining Services decided to become even more locally minded, with the introduction of honey bees to campus! In collaboration with Graybill's Bee-Haven, Dining Services has installed a bee hive on the northwest end of campus near the Painted Turtle Farm. These bees will pollinate the garden and much of the campus as well as provide delicious honey to the Dining Hall!

To reduce its ecological footprint, the Dining Hall uses paper products constructed from recycled material and energy efficient appliances such as the eco-friendly toaster ovens. Servo also utilizes a pulper in the dish room which reduces waste volume by 80% and water consumption by 66% while reusing 95% of the water continually during operation.

The Dining Hall is also dedicated to preventing its wastes from entering the waste stream. The Dining Hall recycles at all stages of food preparation and directs its pre-consumer compostable material to the Painted Turtle Farm. In 2011 alone, the Painted Turtle Farm composted almost 1,000 pounds of pre-consumer material. The Dining Hall also donates used fryer oil to a local grape farmer, who converts it into biodiesel. The Dining Hall then purchases the finished product to fuel its biodiesel van which travels frequently around campus. The Dining Hall also donates its pre-consumer leftover food to Campus Kitchens, which benefits local individuals and agencies in need.

At the Bullet Hole and the Dive, students can recycle paper products, plastic cutlery, lids, straws, cups, and mostly clean condiment containers. The plates are composed of sugarcane and bamboo fibers, while the brown to-go containers are biodegradable.