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We purchase apples, stone fruit, vegetables, apple cider, milk, and spring water from five local growers through one distributor.

We purchase locally processed food directly from 7 processors:

  • UTZ snack foods: potato chips, pretzels, etc.
  • Swiss Premium Dairy: milk, cream, half & half
  • Four Seasons: cut vegetables and fruit
  • Kegel's Produce: cut vegetables and fruit
  • Gettysburg Pretzel Co.: soft pretzels
  • Uncle Ralphs Cookies
  • Roaring Springs Water

We purchase from 15 local processors through a distributor:

  • Hershey's: chocolate syrup, candy
  • Hanover Foods Corp.: canned and frozen vegetables
  • A.S.K. Foods: prepared salads
  • Dons Food Products: prepared salads
  • McCormick & Co. Inc.: seasonings and spices
  • Winter Gardens Salads: prepared salads
  • UBF Food Solutions: ketchup
  • Sun Rich Fresh Foods Inc.: fruit salads
  • Hatfield Quality Meats: meats
  • Kunzler & Co. Inc.: meats
  • Musselman's: pie fillings, canned fruit, pudding, vinegar, apple juice
  • Sweet Street Desserts: cakes and desserts
  • Berks: meats
  • Devault: hamburgers
  • Verdeli Farms: prepared salad vegetables, lettuces

By purchasing local options, Dining Services both reduces its ecological footprint and boosts the local economy.