Quarry PondFacilities Services illustrates its commitment to sustainability primarily with a focus on water and energy conservation as well as a strong recycling program. Facilities Services has recently implemented single-stream recycling, a successful program which allows campus members to recycle all types of materials in one container.

Facilities has also significantly reduced campus water usage through several different conservation techniques and practices. Low-flow bathroom fixtures have been installed in on-campus residences, as well as efficient washing machines. Furthermore, Gettysburg College collects rainwater from the roof of the Jaeger Center to underneath a nearby parking lot into a 15,000 gallon cistern to be used to irrigate the campus during drought conditions. Should more than 15,000 gallons enter the cistern, the excess water will slowly move towards a filtration system located beneath a separate parking lot.

To water its extensive athletic fields, Facilities uses water from the Quarry pond, lessening the need for potable water for lawn maintenance.

Facilities has also implemented several energy conservation programs, making Gettysburg College’s energy use lower than many comparable institutions! With successful energy-saving techniques Facilities has managed to decrease campus energy consumption despite an increase of student population and additional campus buildings.

Energy usage at Gettysburg College

Some of these conservation techniques include:

  • A highly efficient centralized cooling system
  • Energy efficient refrigerators
  • Electric vehicles for on-campus employee transportation
  • Switching to compact fluorescent light bulbs

In recent years, the Custodial Services sector of Facilities has become an important part of the campus sustainability efforts. This department uses paper towels and toilet paper produced from recycled materials as well as using green cleaning solutions such as glass cleaners and disinfectants. In fact, Custodial Services’ graffiti-remover is made primarily from corn!