The Quarry pond offers habitat to many species, including fish, herons, and painted turtles. June, 2011For the past several years students, faculty, and staff have been compiling articles, projects, and other data pertaining to Gettysburg College's sustainability. These reports range from water consumption levels though time to sustainability proposals and many can be found here.

Sustainability Proposal, 2007

Environmental Studies 400 Capstone Maps Out the Campus' Carbon Footprint, 2009

The Gettysburg College campus is home to approximately 2000 trees; that’s nearly one per student. June, 2011Gettysburg College's Energy Consumption in Comparison to Similar Institutions, 2010 (Graph)

Gettysburg College's Water Consumption in Comparison to Similar Institutions, 2010 (Graph)

A Greenhouse Gas Inventory of Gettysburg College, 2006-2008: Reaching Carbon Neutrality by 2032, 2009

Sustainability Initiatives at Gettysburg College, 2008

Facilities Services: History of Sustainability, 2007