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Mission Statement:

The mission of Äçcèñt: The Gettysburg College Journal for the Languages is to advance the study of languages and foreign cultures on Gettysburg College campus and around the world, primarily through the online publication and dissemination of a yearly edition of the journal. Äçcèñt serves as a forum promoting the study of foreign languages by publishing pieces characterized by academic and creative excellence, which showcase the scholarly and artistic efforts of talented undergraduates.


Selection Process:

Äçcéñt uses a blind peer review process when selecting articles for publication. All articles are sent to the Editorial Board with names and other references removed in order to assure unbiased appraisal of the work. The Editorial Board makes its selections based on five basic criteria: Focus, Content, Style, Organization, and Mechanics. When preparing your submission, keep these evaluative measures in mind. Additionally, Äçcéñt seeks to publish creative and innovative work. All submissions should exhibit a high degree of originality. Originality is shown by the extent to which the creative piece, research design, or photography exhibits innovative characteristics that set it apart from other submissions in the same area of study. Submissions to Äçcéñt should allow our readers access to new and distinctive knowledge.

Note: Gettysburg College professors frequently assist student editors with foreign language submissions in order to ensure the highest quality of work. Due to the nature of the publication and its focus on foreign languages, such assistance is necessary. However, all final decisions concerning publication are made by the Editorial Board.


Guidelines for Submissions:

Submissions MUST adhere to the following:

Copyright Notice

Copyrights for articles and photos published in this journal are retained by their creators, with first publication rights granted to Äçcéñt: The Gettysburg College Journal for the Languages. All articles and photos have been published in an online format with the full permission of the creators. All work published herein has been verified as the original work of the listed creators and does not violate the rights of others.

Privacy Statement

The names and email addresses granted to Äçcéñt will be used solely for their intended purpose and will not be made available for any other purpose or to any external group.


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