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Äçcéñt: The Gettysburg College Journal for the Languages is an annual online publication which showcases exceptional scholarly and creative work of Gettysburg College students. Äçcéñt is devoted to the promotion of scholarship in the area of foreign languages. The Journal actively seeks to support student work that specifically reflects multi-lingualism and multi-culturalism. Äçcéñt maintains academic integrity and high standards through its blind peer review process, which ensures the publication of only the most outstanding submissions. Members of the Editorial Board are passionate language students who represent each of the nine languages taught at Gettysburg College.

The Editorial Board encourages submissions of all kinds from the student body. Independent or collaborative research papers, creative writing, and photography submissions are all accepted.

Äçcéñt is made possible through a generous grant by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, which supports undergraduate research, scholarship and creative activities for students.

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