Africana Studies Program

Africana Studies combines a traditional liberal arts perspective with interdisciplinary skills of investigation, analysis, and communication for students of all backgrounds.

Africana Studies offers both a major and a minor.

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Celebrating 30 Years

1986 – 2016

Alumni Spotlight

Edward Graham '12

Majors: English

Minor: Africana Studies

“Gettysburg's liberal arts focus allowed me to take a broad selection of courses that often fell outside my comfort zone, such as theater, ethnomusicology, and computer science and coding. These courses helped give me a greater global perspective, as well as a better sense of my own abilities.”

Edward Graham came to Gettysburg College because of its small size, academic reputation, and diverse selection of courses. Its tight-knit community allowed him to form close relationships with students and faculty. Edward majored in English and minored in Africana Studies, but took advantage of the opportunity to sample numerous other courses including computer science, history, and ethnomusicology. After graduating in 2012, he worked as an editorial consultant for the National Education Association’s communications department. Edward is currently pursuing a master’s degree in investigative journalism and public affairs at American University. A liberal arts education from Gettysburg gave him a wide range of skills and a greater global perspective that has been useful in his work in communications and enabled him to quickly find work after graduation. His advice to current students: take a variety of classes before choosing a major. Even if you have an idea of what you want to study, exploring other academic fields and activities is crucial to the liberal arts experience.

60 Seconds with Prof. Thomas Jurney

Prof. Thomas Jurney discusses the Africana Studies department.

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