Africana Studies graduates are encouraged to maintain contact and involvement with the program and other alumni throughout graduate school, careers, and beyond. In this way, you can continue to enjoy a lifelong relationship with Gettysburg's Africana Studies Program, its current students, and its ongoing efforts to promote diversity and social justice.

Share any news about you -- a new job, a new address, a new degree, a graduate school acceptance, and/or other life events. You can submit this information to, or use the Update my info form.


Imani L. Jones                  IDS / AFS                 

Simon D. Jones                SOC / AFS

Yenylka Y. Ross               AFS / WRI


Kyle F. Archer                  AFS

Aaron M. Hurd                 POL / AFS

Jessee J. Jeffers              AFS

Nicole D. Jenkins             HSCI / AFS


Jermaine P. Alexander     IND / AFS

William J. Green              AFS / HIS

Jeffrey T. Monsma          AFS / HIS

Savanah P. Ruth             AFS / HIS

Emily G. Simmons             ENG / AFS


Lawrese E. Brown           AFS / IDS

Jaclynn A. Cross            AFS / ENG

Lauren C. Dembo          AFS / HIS

Unique A. Patterson       SOC / AFS

Ryan M. Tribue              AFS

Randall M. Yingling         AFS


Deonte D. Austin           AFS / WGS

Jermarco A. Bennett, Jr.   AFS

Laura M. Block              AFS / POL

Katrina C. Broughton     AFS / PSY

Wayne A. Chang, Jr.      AFS / POL

Paige Klunk Drame        AFS / MUS

Aiesha S. D. Gary          AFS / WGS

Justin B. Joseph             AFS / HIS

Luke S. Mitchell             HIS /AFS

Edwin H. Pinkerton        MGT / AFS

Nicholas O. Rosenberger             AFS / ENG

Rachel L. Rutter            AFS / ENG

Edward L. Smith           AFS / HIS

Robia A. Smith-Herman              AFS / PSY

Troy A. Taylor             AFS


Daniel J. Black            POL / AFS

Kirsty C. Bryant-Hassler   AFS / IDS

Edward J. Graham      ENGC / AFS

Ashley N. Seeley        PSY / AFS

Chenequa L. Snell      AFS / ENG


Kristin E. Giffuni        ENGC / AFS

Lauren H. Roedner    AFS / HIS


Biankah S. Ciceron   AFS

Austin J. Davis         OMS-OS /AFS

Celia M. L. Hartz       HIS / AFS

Alexandra K. Milano  HIS / AFS

Collin R. Wiemer      SOC / AFS


Rashida Aluko-Roberts   IA / AFS

Georgia M. Ferguson     ANT / AFS


Erin M. Durant                AFS

Robert J. Fay                  AFS

Katherine M. Aloisi          PSY / AFS

Rebecca J. Barth            CLA / AFS

Beauregard A. Charles   ENG / AFS


Michaelyn R. Cornish       BIO / AFS

Hannah M. Dallman          AFS

Chelsea P. Johnson          SOC / AFS

Thomas A. McCune           OMS / AFS

Joseph Recupero III           POL / ANT /  AFS