Africana Studies combines a traditional liberal arts perspective with interdisciplinary skills of investigation, analysis, and communication. Focusing on the social, economic, spiritual, and psychological challenges that have dominated African American history and culture, students of all backgrounds obtain insight into the world at large through the complex and distinctive experiences and contributions of peoples of African descent.

The Africana Studies program:

  • Examines the life of people of African descent, both diasporan and continental.
  • Explores the myriad expressions of traditional and contemporary African cultures, incorporating fundamental paradigms and methodological approaches into its inquiry
  • Provides a profound understanding of the social realities, experiences, and continuing contributions to human civilization of the peoples of African descent, thus equipping students to enhance life opportunities for people of African descent.
  • Instills a solid grounding in alternative philosophical traditions - which is an essential orientation in an increasingly globalized world.

Students of Africana Studies experience alternative epistemological approaches, theories, and paradigms that enable them to better conceptualize, explain, and incorporate the contemporary interests and concerns of the majority of the world's peoples and their societies.