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Anthropology is the study of human societies in all their diversity through time and around the world. It is a way to explore the richness and variety of humankind and the human condition, a means to look at what people and groups share in common and at what sets them apart.

Anthropology is offered as a major and a minor.

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Anthropology Honors Program

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Student Research

IBCJoshua Ginder '15 and Ava Muhr '15 bring off-campus research home through the International Bridge Course

An avid outdoorsman, Joshua Ginder ’15 first became interested in Sherpa culture after reading about Sherpa mountaineers in Jon Krakauer’s bestseller, Into Thin Air: A Personal Account of the Mt. Everest Disaster. Through his study abroad program, Ginder decided to merge this passion for the outdoors with his coursework in Anthropology and Globalization Studies, and applied for the IBC program to study the economic and environmental impacts of the mountaineering industry on the Sherpa community.
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The Value of an Honors Thesis with Angela Rosehart '11

An honors thesis is hard work, but it brings great rewards. Angela Rosehart '11 discusses the intellectual, personal, and professional value of undertaking an honors thesis in anthropology at Gettysburg College.