Art & Art History Programs

The department offers a flexible program of study in interrelated studio and art history courses, with potential majors in two areas, art history and studio art. The department encourages students from other disciplines than art to select courses from both areas.

The department offers:

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Art & Art History Overview

Watch this video by Khun Minn Ohn '18 about the Art & Art History department. Hear from students and faculty.

Katherine House '11 works abroad

Katherine House '11Academic Focus: Studio art major; art history minor

Study Abroad: Aix-en-Provence, France through the IAU College (IAU) in Fall 2009

Current Job: Enrollment Advisor and the United States Office Coordinator for the IAU College (IAU)

“Studying abroad allows you to gain an appreciation and understanding for a culture other than your own, allowing for a greater global awareness,” House said.

Currently, House works with students, parents, and study abroad offices in the United States and France to enroll students in the IAU’s programs.