Facilities & Collections

Foundry by Hang Lian

Wide-ranging art facilities offer hands-on opportunities for Gettysburg College students, who also enjoy access to extensive collections of art objects and a 1,600-square-foot exhibition gallery. Some of the facilities include:

Welding equipment
Electric and gas kilns
Film photography darkroom
Woodworking shop
Printmaking studio
Drawing and painting studios
Private studios for senior students

Schmucker GalleryThe College's Schmucker Art Gallery inside Schmucker Hall offers seven to eight exhibitions each year. Included in the gallery calendar are shows by local, national, and international contemporary artists, a faculty exhibition, a student exhibition, the annual senior art major show, and traveling exhibits of works selected from public and private collections.

SentinelSentinel, by internationally known contemporary sculptor Martin Puryear, is the centerpiece of Gettysburg College's extensive outdoor sculpture collection, which enlivens the beautiful tree-filled campus.

Gettysburg College's Asian Art collection includes approximately 2,000 objects, ranging from writing materials, clothing, and personal adornment articles to ritual vessels and altar screens. Created from ceramic, porcelain, jade and other stones, glass, bronze and other metals, ivory, wood and horn, silk and paper, and textiles, the collection reaches  from 1700 BCE to to the mid-20th century.