Department Learning Outcomes

Studio Art Majors will:

  • acquire technical and conceptual skills necessary to undertake artistic practice in one or more of the media taught in the department—drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, printmaking, photography.
  •  be able to critically consider their own work and that of other artists, both in writing and orally, including the production of a personal Artist's Statement.
  • develop thinking skills that recognize contemporary art ideas, art history and socio-political situations of the present.
  • successfully exhibit a body of work as part of a senior exhibition.
  • produce a digital portfolio of their work and discuss their artistic practice with a faculty panel.


Art History majors will:

  • develop skills in visual analysis, research, critical thinking, writing and public presentation.
  •  learn the history, context, style, function and significance of works of art and architecture from western and eastern traditions as well as the different methodological approaches used in art historical scholarship.
  • become familiar with the professional practices of Art History, either as preparation for graduate school, employment in an arts-related field or as a strong base for a range of other professional endeavors.