It gives us great pleasure to introduce the Gettysburg College Art and Art History senior Capstone projects for 2011. These projects serve as the culmination of the Art and Art History major. They are as rich and varied as the students themselves and exemplify the commitment the Department of Art and Art History places on creativity and scholarship in a liberal arts education.
The Art History research projects are bold in scope and in their methods of inquiry. They range from the medieval period to the contemporary art world and encompass several media, including architecture, painting, photography, sculpture and installation work. Many projects deal with the question of an American art and how this heritage has coped with issues such as gender and cultural assimilation. Religion is another shared theme but one explored in very different ways, from the work of Damien Hirst to the role of German nationalism and Cologne Cathedral. Inspired by study abroad, our students understand the value of seeing art and engaging with cultures directly. Thanks to funding from the Provost Office, many received grants to study their works first-hand.
The Senior Capstone in Art is a time full of excitement and failure, the raising and lowering of expectations, and ultimately the honing of strengths. Students work independently, with guidance from their faculty - this is their work, not a class project. The work has been reviewed by visiting artists, all of our faculty and their peers, the culmination of which is an exhibition of their New Work. Many of our students have participated in study abroad programs around the world, received grants, exhibited in regional, national and international exhibitions, and held internship positions which have impacted their work. All of these elements helped to shape their personal artistic message and will continue to shape our understanding of contemporary art.
The Department of Art and Art History and the entire Gettysburg College community should be proud of the quality and engagement that we see in the work of these fine graduating seniors. Now more than ever, a dedication to one's passion and an ability to rise to new challenges are the best investments for the future.
Mark K. Warwick
Chairperson/Associate Professor, Art and Art History
Felicia Else
Associate Professor, Art and Art History