Alexandra Chappell Sickles
Untitled, 11” x 8”, pen, 2011
For as long as I can remember, I have been in the company of family and friends with an extraordinary visual presence. The combination of growing up in Europe, having a mother with a career in the design world and being lucky enough to travel and experience things first hand had a lasting impression on me and I became almost instantaneously attracted to visual decoration of both the individual and the home. My work echoes my innate love for high fashion, which is exemplified in my sleek contours, strong silhouettes and subject matter. My drawing style introduces a clean, modern edge to traditional surfaces; to me, it’s not about one single feature of a drawing, it’s about the feeling a piece evokes as a whole. A work of art is made more meaningful when there is an intimacy shared by both the artist and the audience- my goal as an artist is to create something that is both visually and physically engaging, something that ultimately embodies my passion.
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