As home to more than half of the world’s population, East Asia continues to grow as a region of global significance. Consequently, it is of increasing importance to understand its social, economic, political, and cultural aspects. Using East Asia as a geographical focal point, Gettysburg College offers a wide variety of courses related to China and Japan, giving students an opportunity to critically and systematically integrate perspectives from multiple disciplines, and to prepare them for any career as a global citizen. These courses are taught both by members of the East Asian Studies Department and by faculty in other academic departments.

Four years of Chinese and Japanese language courses are offered, and there are opportunities to study at more advanced levels on an individual or small group basis. Our first and second year language classes meet five days per week. Our third and fourth year classes meet three times per week. If a student has studied Chinese or Japanese language in high school, they must take our Language Placement Exam to determine which level is appropriate in our program.

We offer a Major and Minor in East Asian Studies, with a concentration in either Chinese Studies or Japanese Studies. For students interested in other parts of Asia, a number of relevant courses are regularly available in other departments.