East Asian Studies

Gettysburg College students have the opportunity to pursue a minor in East Asian studies, which is designed to provide a coherent understanding and basic competence in the major Asian civilizations of China and Japan. Students are encouraged to study in Japan at Kansai Gaidai University or at the College's affiliated program in China. The China program, located in Beijing, is jointly administered by CET Academic Programs and Capital Normal University. In addition to language study through the advanced level, the program offers a wide range of courses appropriate to the China specialization within the East Asian studies minor.

Minor Requirements

The minor requires six courses. Students take one core course (Hist 221 or Hist 222), plus three courses in one's country of specialization (either China or Japan). These courses must come from three different disciplines, with at least one course from the humanities and one from the social sciences.

Courses suitable for the China specialization include the following:

          AS 223 Travel Writing, Tourism, and Culture in China

          AS 224 Chinese Folklore

          AS 225 Contemporary Chinese Writers

          Hist 223 Modern China

          Pol Sci 270 Government and Politics in China

          Rel 248 Religions of China

          Rel 251 Looking for the Tao

          Rel 254 Confucianism

          Rel 352 The Tao of Traditional Chinese Medicine

          Soc 243 The Chinese Diaspora

          VAH 234 Arts of China

          VAH 235 Chinese Painting and Aesthetics

Courses suitable for the Japan specialization include the following:

          AS 150 Contemporary Japanese Culture and Society

          AS 238 Pre-Modern Japanese Literature

          AS 247/347 Extraordinary Fiction in Japan and the World

          AS 248/348 Traditional Japanese Theatre

          AS 250/350 The Ebb and Flow: Japanese Women's Literature, the First 1200 Years

          AS 340/401 Modernity in Modern Japanese Literature

          AS 341/402 Genre in Modern Japanese Literature

          AS 343/403 Who Dunnit and Why? Japanese Detective Fiction, Past and Present

          Film 261 Japanese Cinema

          Hist 224 Modern Japan

          Hist 226 History and Science of the Atomic Bombings of Japan

          Hist 323 Gender in Modern Japan

          Hist 325 Tokugawa Japan

          Hist 422 The Pacific War, 1931-1945

          Rel 249 Religions of Japan

Study abroad programs in China and Japan can also be expected to offer courses suitable for fulfilling the specialization requirement.

Students specializing in China must take Beginning Chinese 101 and 102 (or their equivalent). Students specializing in Japan must take Beginning Japanese 101 and 102 (or their equivalent).

In addition to the above requirements, students must complete one course that offers a comparative perspective within East Asia. This may be either a course, beyond the core, that is explicitly comparative or a course on the East Asian country not in one's area of specialization.

A final requirement is one elective, which is any course with a substantial East Asian focus. This may include additional language study (such as Japanese 201 or Chinese 201), Women in Buddhism (Rel 252), World Philosophy (Phil 240), and Introduction to Asian Art (VAH 131), among others.