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Falon N. Deimler '13 wins national award

Falon N. Deimler

Congratulations to Falon N. Deimler '13 for her award-winning performance at the Chinese Bridge Speech in 2011! This is a contest organized by New York Service Center for Chinese Study Fellows at the national level and under the guidance of Chinese Counsel in New York.

During the contest, Falon delivered a speech on "China in the Eyes of Western Travel Writers" in Chinese and played a violin piece based on a famed Chinese tale "Butterfly Lovers." Falon became a finalist in the beginner-level group after competing at the Preliminary Contest held at Dickinson College on April 10. During the National Final in New York City on April 23, she was a recipient in the group of the third-place awards!

We are proud of you, Falon!

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