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Gettysburg College
Gettysburg, PA 17325
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B.A. Gettysburg, College, 1961 

M.S. Florida State University, 1964 

Ph.D. University of Maryland, 1972 

Professional Experience:

• 1963-64 Research Assistant, Florida State University 

• 1963 Member, Scientific Crew, U.S.N.S. Eltanin, Antarctic Cruise 10 

• 1964-70 Instructor in Biology, Gettysburg College 

• 1970-77 Assistant Professor, Gettysburg College 

• 1977-90 Associate Professor, Gettysburg College 

• 1990 to 2010, Professor of Biology, Gettysburg College

  2010, Professor Emeritus

Selected Courses Taught:

• Biology 230, 330 Microbiology, Bacteriology 

• Biology 223, 323 Parasitology 

• Biology J-23, 215 Electron Microscopy and Ultrastructure 

Awards, Grants and Honors:

• 1973 NIH Training Grant Fellow, Louisiana State University, Interamerican Fellow in Tropical       Medicine 

• 1987 Participant, NSF Grant BBSR 8618863, University of Delaware

  • 2010 Discover Life in America, Great Smoky Mountain National Park Research Grant

• Recipient of several Gettysburg College Institutional Research Grants 

Current Membership in Learned and Honorary Societies:

Annual Midwestern Conference of Parasitologists 

The American Society of Parasitologists

  • 2009-present, Chair, In Memoriam Committee

The Helminthological Society of Washington 

• 1984 President 

• 1993-98 Editor, The Journal of the Helminthological Society of Washington 

• 2005-2011 Corresponding Secretary-Treasurer 

The Pennsylvania Academy of Science 

• 1990-92 President 

• 2000-2010 Chair, Finance Committee 

• 2006-present Member of the Editorial Committee 

The Brayton H. Ransom Memorial Trust Fund 

 •  Trustee 2004-present 


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Selected Papers Presented: 

"The life cycle and biology of Plagioporus sp.," presented to the American Society of Parasitologists, Miami, FL, November, 1972. 

"Metazoan parasites of Microtus pennsylvanicus in south central Pennsylvania." Presented to the American Society of Parasitologists, Chicago, IL, November, 1978.  

"Population biology of the Pleurocerid snail, Leptoxis carinata ...." Presented at the American Malacological Union at the University of Rhode Island, August 1985. 

"Scanning electron microscope study of Bothitrema bothi (Bothitrematidae)." Presented at the first International Symposium on Monogenea at Ceské Budjovice, Czechoslovakia, August, 1988. 

"Attachment and gill microhabitat of Bothitrema bothi (Monogenea)." Presented to the International Congress of Parasitology, VII, Paris, France, August, 1990. 

"Marine Monogenea from The Mid-Atlantic Coast of the United States." Presented to the Second International Symposium On Monogenea, Montpellier, France, July, 1993. 

"Cichlidogyrus from three species of Petrotilapia in Lake Malawi, Africa", Presented at the Fourth International Symposium on Monogenea, Brisbane, Australia, July, 2001. 

"Some Aspects of the Biology of the Monogenean Bothitrema bothi from gills of the Flounder, Scophthalmus aquosus from New Jersey, USA." Presented to the Sixth International Symposium on

Fish Parasites, University of the Free State, Bloemfontein, South Africa, September 23, 2003.  

 “Analysis of Drying Methods for Scanning Electron Microscopy of Selected Platyhelminthes”.  Coauthored by James Gates ’07 and Sherman Hendrix.  Presented at the First North American Meeting of the American Society of Parasitologists, Sociedad Mexicana de Parasitologia and Parasitology Section of the Canadian Society of Zoologists, Merida, Mexico, June 24, 2007.

“Helminth and Myxozoan Parasites of GSMNP Fishes”.  Presented at the Discover Life in America ATBI Conference, Gatlinburg, TN, April 7-9, 2011.

  Revised 5 March, 2012