Off-Campus Studies


Off-campus study is a semester, academic year, or summer term on a study abroad or domestic program that is a credit bearing part of a Gettysburg degree. Approximately 50% of each graduating class spends a minimum of one semester off campus. Students from every major, program and discipline can – and do – study off campus.

Overwhelmingly, students who study off-campus develop new academic interests, and bring a new focus to their studies and their lives. Students report that they come back feeling refreshed and invigorated from their experience with a new skill-set, approaching their remaining studies with new energy and a broadened world view.


Gettysburg has over 100 Affiliated Program locations on six continents (Affiliated Programs have gone through a comprehensive vetting process). Over 90% of our students who go off campus choose to participate in Affiliated Programs. If a student has a compelling academic reason, they can also participate in a Non-Affiliated program. Financial arrangements and credit transfer differ for Non-Affiliated programs.

Students who participate in Affiliated Programs can earn credit and grades toward majors, minors and curricular goals. Students who participate in Non-Affiliated programs can earn credit, but not grades for their off campus work.

Students who participate in an Affiliated Program pay the same cost as a semester at Gettysburg. Financial aid recipients can use their aid to pay for study off campus. Gettysburg wants students to choose off campus study based on academic interest, not on the ability to pay. To that end, Gettysburg also grants a flight allowance for most affiliated study abroad programs. Students who participate in Non-Affiliated programs pay fees directly to the program cannot use institutional aid towards the program cost and are charged a Non-Affiliated Off-Campus Study Fee (each semester) that covers the administrative services provided by Gettysburg College for the student.


The basic requirements are full-time student status with good academic standing (minimum 2.0 GPA) and good disciplinary standing.

Students can study abroad as juniors, first-semester seniors and sophomores under certain circumstances (if interested, please contact CGE). Most students go abroad fall of their junior year.

For more detailed information please visit the Center for Global Education.