• Students conduct innovative physics and chemistry research

    Salty & Fatty: Physics and chemistry students work across disciplines to explore independent research questions. Read more.

  • Tim Funk '00 and students conduct innovative research

    Students conduct innovative research with Prof. Tim Funk '00 Read more.

  • Danny Zeng '15 confirms a passion for chemistry research with professors' mentorship
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  • Prof. Tim Funk teaches Chemistry outside

    Prof. Tim Funk teaches Chemistry outside.

Chemistry Programs

Each course offered by the department provides an opportunity for a concentrated study of the various principles of contemporary chemical knowledge.

Chemistry is offered as both a major and a minor

Related interdisciplinary programs include:

  • Major in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
  • Minor in Neuroscience
  • Programs in Pre-health Professions

Find out more about our programs, explore the courses offered, and meet our faculty.

Chemistry News

Cross-Disciplinary Science Institute

The Cross-Disciplinary Science Institute at Gettysburg College (X-SIG) was established to help our community of students be research readyresearch active and research connected.  Find out more

Follow the X-SIG blog to keep up with undergraduate research on our campus

Student Research

Comparison of the coordination chemistry of tripod ligands possessing three pyridine donors and three imidazole donors by Julie Vrana '10 and Kathleen McGuinn '10

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