Each course offered by the department provides an opportunity for a concentrated study of the various principles of contemporary chemical knowledge. From the introductory to the advanced courses, application is made of basic theories and methods of chemical investigation. Courses offered by the department utilize lectures, discussions, library work, on-line computer literature searching, computer-assisted instructional programs, videotapes, and laboratory investigations in order to emphasize the concepts that underlie the topics covered. Each course, as well as the major itself, is designed for the curious and interested student.

The chemistry major is approved by the American Chemical Society, as is an additional major in chemistry/biochemistry. Paths taken by majors after graduation are varied; many enter graduate work in chemistry or biochemistry. Graduates also enter medical and dental schools, industrial and government research laboratories, secondary school teaching, and numerous other fields.

The Chemistry Department is an active participant in the programs of the Cross-Disciplinary Science Institute.

Additional information is available in the Chemistry Department Handbook