Carolyn S. Snively

I am an archaeologist. My Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Austin was in Classics and Classical Archaeology. From 1971 to 1981, in 2003-2004, and again in 2010 I worked at the site of Stobi, a Hellenistic, Roman, and Late Antique city located in what was once the Republic of Macedonia within the Federated Republic of Yugoslavia and is now the much-disputed Republic of Macedonia, a country in its own right. Since 1998 I have served as the American Co-Director of the Gettysburg College and Museum of Macedonia, Skopje, project for archaeological investigations at the Late Antique urban site of Golemo Gradište at the village of Konjuh, Republic of Macedonia. My research interests lie in the Roman and Late Antique periods in the southwestern Balkan Peninsula, i.e., in the modern countries of Serbia, Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Bulgaria, and Greece or, in antiquity, in the Roman or Late Antique provinces of Macedonia, Dardania, Dacia Mediterranea, Epirus Vetus and Nova, and Achaia. More specifically, I am interested in settlement patterns and urbanism, burial practices, early monasticism, and ecclesiastical architecture. Both Stobi and Golemo Gradište have provided opportunities for research in all those areas and in church architecture in particular. The Episcopal Basilica at Stobi, displaying four successive phases of construction from ca. 400 AD to the 6th century, was the outstanding Early Byzantine church in Macedonia Secunda, in terms of size, associated buildings, complexity of plan, unusual features, architectural sculpture, and mosaic and painted decoration. At Golemo Gradište, excavation has revealed unexpected architectural and liturgical features in the basilica—almost certainly episcopal—discovered in 2008.I have taught in the Department of Classics at Gettysburg College since 1982, with the exception of sabbatical years spent either at the American School of Classical Studies at Athens or at the Museum of Macedonia in Skopje and of a year as the Visiting Whitehead Professor at the American School. My usual courses include Latin 102, 201, 308 (Satire), and 309 (Historians), CLA 122 (Roman Civilization), CLA 252 (Roman History), CLA 337 (Death & Burial in the Ancient Mediterranean World), and CLA 341 (The City in the Greek and Roman World). In addition to chairing the Department of Classics for a decade, I have served on numerous faculty committees and am now the chair of the Faculty Personnel Committee.


Carolyn S. Snively

Carolyn S. Snively
Professor, Classics

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BA Michigan State University, 1969
MA University of Texas at Austin , 1973
PhD University of Texas at Austin , 1979