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The field of Classics is by its very nature interdisciplinary, consisting of multiple interrelated sub-disciplines. This department offers study in two ancient languages (Greek; Latin), as well as courses covering the histories, mythologies, several genres of literature, and material cultures of the ancient Mediterranean world.

The oldest department at Gettysburg College, Classics offers:

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Prof. Jonathan David, Greg Williams ’10 unearth 2nd Century Roman military camp

David WilliamsWhen alumnus Greg Williams ’10 wanted to garner additional archaeological experience and further develop his skill set, he turned to a friend he discovered on the Gettysburg College campus, Prof. Jonathan David.

This past summer, Williams and David worked outside of Tel Megiddo, Israel, with an archaeological team that unearthed a 2nd Century Roman military camp. Their findings included historic artifacts such as pottery and amulets.

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