Learning Goals

Conservatory Program Goals

  1. Students will demonstrate the ability to hear, identify, and work conceptually with elements of music such as rhythm, melody, harmony, structure, timbre, and texture.
  2. Students will be able to identify and explain compositional processes, aesthetic properties of style and the ways these elements shape and are shaped by artistic and cultural forces. 
  3. Students will acquire a basic knowledge of music history and repertories through the present time, including study and experience of musical language and achievement in western and other cultures.
  4. Students will develop the technical skills necessary for artistic self-expression in at least one major performance area in solo and ensemble performance and understand procedures for realizing a variety of musical styles.
  5. Students will demonstrate an understanding of basic compositional techniques and improvisation by creating original or derivative music.
  6. Students will gain the ability to read at sight with fluency demonstrating both general musicianship and the appropriate level of mastery in the major performance area.
  7. Students will experience a broad range of repertory through attendance at events such as recitals, concerts, opera and music theater productions, and other types of performances.
  8. Students will be able to form and defend value judgments about music, communicate musical ideas and concepts through writing and speaking, and employ communication conventions of our discipline.
  9. Students will develop the skills to make informed, critical evaluations of the quality and effectiveness of performances, compositions, arrangements, and improvised solos by comparing them to similar or exemplary models.